Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Smashbox Foundation Primer VS Bareminerals Foundation Primer

I'll be the first to be admit I never knew that I needed primer for foundation.  I went over to Sephora and I asked for 2 different samples. I'm going to talk about the pros and cons of each one and which one I ended up buying.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light
It felt very smooth going on my face and made my makeup look even on my face!

It's a little bit on the expensive side. It also had a funny smell to it that didn't appeal to me. I also noticed throughout the day that my makeup looked like it was wearing off and by dinner time it looked like my makeup completly had "fallen" off. I also noticed that some of my makeup had built up in some places and didn't look as smooth as it did in the morning.

Smashbox photo finish light

Bareminerals Prime Time Foundaton Primer
It felt very light going on my face not too heavy so my makeup didn't feel heavy either. After finishing my makeup I noticed how bright my face looked and super even throughout. It lasted all day! My makeup didn't wear off at all. It still looked really good that night when  went to wash my face. The price is awesome!

There isn't any complaints about it at all!

Well, you can probably tell I ended up buying the Bareminerals primer. I just loved how it lasted all day and for the price it was a great deal! I'm happy I discovered this primer it has definitely made a difference in the way my makeup looks.
If you're looking for something to make your makeup look more even I say go to Sephora and have them give you a sample of the bareminerals primer. If you use their Brightening foundation serum with it, it will really give you more a "glowy" look! For more info on the foundation here is a link to another post .

Bareminerals Prime Time Foundation Primer- Original

What kind of primer do you like or do you rather not wearing any at all? 
Lettie Lane

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