Monday, September 7, 2015

Fall Wreath

I'm so excited about the fall season that I decided to put up my wreath from last year. I have seen so many people already decorating for the season that it has gotten me in the mood to get my decorations out. I made this wreath last year it is one of my favorites that I have made and since I'm on a budget I wanted to use it again.

I purchased everything from Hobby Lobby except the purple flowers are from Walmart. The frame is my favorite part. I spray painted the letter and hot glued onto the frame. I used floral wire to hang the wreath onto the door.

I think I will be using this frame for years to come. Its perfect for fall and has the rustic feeling I was exactly looking for! Below, I put links where you can find items so you can make your own.( Some are alternatives)

 Barnwood Frame
Dried Wheat 
Wood Letter

Lettie Lane