Thursday, August 10, 2017

Southern Girl Moves to the Midwest

I'm just a southern girl living in Kansas.
Never thought I would be saying those words.
Never thought I would move out of the South.
But GOD had other plans.

If you told me a year ago I would be moving again. I would of laughed in your face. See the reason why is because a year ago in May I got offered a great job and moved to Georgia. I finally thought this is it! Little did I know a few days after my year anniversary of living there I would get the news I was moving. I went into shock. I am going to be brutally honest. At first I was mad. I had plans. To stay here in Georgia not to move cross country. But in the midst of it all God softened my heart and thoughts about it. I got excited and was ready.

Our roadtrip alone here was an adventure in the least. I'll have to share more on that in another post. My first week here was a blur so many boxes were unpacked. There is still a TON to go through. Moving is not easy and let me just tell you. I have lost things and I went out to buy it and found it later that night. It's funny how things like that happen and all I can do is laugh to myself. 

I finally realized I am not in the south anymore when I went to a restraunt. the waitress came and asked for our drink order here is how the conversation went...

Waitress: Hi, what can I get you guys to drink?
Me: Hmm. Sweet tea will be good.
Waitress: Oh, well, we dont have that, but we do have unsweet and sweeteners.
Me: Uh..Uh..
Mom: Honey, we aren't in the South anymore

Thats when I was hit in the face that I am now in the Midwest. It's the little things like sweet tea. OR accents. I'm amazed. I sit there and just stare and listen to their NO accent voices. They probably think what's wrong with this girl? She keeps staring at me. NO, really it's so crazy how they have no accent it's so clear and crisp. 

It is still so unreal to me how I live in Kansas. God is good through it all. He knew I would come here  for a purpose. 

That's all for now.


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  1. Things in life are crazy, that's for sure!! Can't wait to hear how things go!