Behind the Name

So you have probably stumbled onto my blog from Facebook, Bloglovin, Pinterest, or just me telling you about it. When you clicked onto my site I'm sure you wondered why Lettie Lane? It's different, unique, and don't hear it much either.
A little over a year ago I moved in with my dad and grandmother. My grandmother was bed-ridden so we took care of her. I spent a lot of my time talking to her and she would tell me stories from when she was a child. Well, a little over a year later on June 6, 2015, she went to be with the Lord. It was sudden and we aren't sure what happened all I can say is the Lord was calling her home. All my life she always told us she didn't have a middle name and she just used her maiden name as it. After her memorial service one of her brothers came up to me. He asked if she told me that she didn't have a middle name. I said yes. Well, turns out she did have a middle name, Lettie. I couldn't believe it. After all these years she didn't tell us. I decided to make this blog in her honor. I'm sure she would of been so happy to hear that I named my blog after her. I love you nana!

Lettie Lane

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