Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bareminerals Liquid Foundation

Last week was one of those weeks. I got sick then so did my dog, but we are both better! Last week I was going to post about the bareminerals foundation, but due to being sick I had to put it off.

This liquid foundation is one of my favorites. I love the light weight feeling and that it gives a brightening look. I'm going to show you how I apply it. I'm sure there are other ways, but this works the best for me!

I use the beauty blender to apply it. There is a brush that you can purchase that goes with it, but the sponge works better for me.

Before I apply my foundation I put my eye shadow on and do my eyebrows this way if eyeshadow particles fall on my face it won't mess up my foundation.
First, I will shake it so all the product is mixed together. I will open it up and put my finger on the top. I find if you shake it when it's closed when you open it, it will spill out like a volcano. Best way to describe it!

Bareminerals liquid foundation application

This foundation a little goes a long way. So, I put one dot on the beauty blender. 

Apply to a part of my face making other small dots and I will then blend them together by "bouncing" the beauty blender. I continue doing this process till I cover my whole face.

For under my eye to cover up my dark circles I put a small dot on the very end point and just blend it in the same like I did on my face.

beauty blender foundation application

I finish up with putting my powder on and the rest of my makeup! 

Bareminerals Brightening foundation serum

I love this foundation because it can be very sheer or even full coverage, but doesn't ever feel heavy or looked "caked". For more coverage just add more dots and blend! 
Do you like using a beauty blender to apply foundation or do prefer a brush?

Lettie Lane

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