Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Favorite Place

Everyone has a favorite place that they like to go to from when they were little to all the way to being grown up. I remember when I was little when I would go to my Great Grandmother's house for the day. I spent so many days there and I had some favorite places, but there is one place that sticks out in my mind the most. I loved going outside and sitting in the trees or under them and looking at how beautiful they were.  I absolutely loved it out there. Now, that I'm older and I don't really get to spend hours outside at a time I have a new favorite place.

After I watched the movie War Room I decided to make my own place to go and pray. If you haven't seen this movie here is a trailer.  I don't have a big enough closet to make a place, but if you do here is a link to a blog that shows how she made her own place inside her closet.  After some thinking of where to put my place I thought what better place than my own room. So, in the corner of my room I made a prayer corner. I posted Bible verses to encourage me and prayers for parts in my life and people in my life.  I also put a pillow so I can be comfortable while praying. I have post it notes so if I come across a verse I can write it down and add it to my wall. I love that I have a quiet place to go and pray. This place is my favorite place and I have a feeling it will be for a very long time.  By the way ignore the cords that's for my lamp ;)

Prayer corner, war room, prayer room

Do you have a prayer closet or did you find another place like a corner?

Have a great day! 

Lettie Lane

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