Friday, February 19, 2016

New Header Design

Oh my gosh ya'll I'm so excited. If you have visited my blog or Facebook page you have seen my first header. When I first made it I was so proud of myself I thought it looked so good! After visiting many blogs and seeing the beautiful headers on them I decided it was time to up my game. I thought about buying a template, but decided I would wait on it. So after searching all over I found a graphic I absolutely fell in love with.
Here is what my header originally looked like...

Very standard, gotta love that arrow. And the two different fonts don't really go that well together. 

Here is my new one and I'm in love!

I found the graphic from Angie Makes blog. I ran across her blog from Pinterest and so glad I did. I actually emailed her asking if it was okay to use and she was so nice to let me!  I love how simple it is, but also very fun. 
New year new look. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 
Lettie Lane

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