Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Importance of Skincare

I remember when I was 11 years old my mom told me I needed to start taking care of my skin. She got me Mary Kay. She taught me how to use it and then she told me something I still remember to this day. She said to wash down my neck and to also moisturize it too so I will not get wrinkles really bad later in life. Of course I took that to heart because what 11 year old wants wrinkles to happen? So, to this day I still wash and moisturize my neck. I am grateful she did make it evident to me to taking care of my skin a priority.

 I started out using Basic Skin Formula 1 when I was 11 years old, but they retired it and the Botanical line took its place. I use the Botanical Effects for Dry Skin.  I will always use Mary Kay skin care products since it has worked so well with my skin. I have really dry skin and it works great. **Note I only use the mask once a week**.

After using these products I will put on Intense Moisturizing Creme before I go to bed. This is the only time I will use it because it's a heavier product and it can dry through the night. In the fall and winter my skin can feel or look dryer during the day so, I will use it in my morning routine also.

  For taking my eye makeup off I use their Oil-Free Makeup Remover. I have tried many different ones and this one is my favorite it takes it off quickly and there are none left on my eyes.

After over 13 years of religiously washing my face every single night and morning too I know it has really benefited me. I have kept my skin healthy and clear. Not to say I never break out because I do, but I have a secret of how to get rid of blemishes that I will share soon!
I know some people that don't like to make the time to take their makeup off and wash their face. Here are some reasons you should:
  • Cause pimples or acne
  • May cause eye irritations and infections
  • Ages the skin very quickly
  • Dries skin out
  • Larger dirty pores
I think those are some good reasons to wash my face. What is your favorite skincare products?

Lettie Lane

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