Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Life of a Short Term Missionary

So, your'e thinking of going on your first short term mission trip or it may be or second, fifth, or maybe even tenth. Maybe your friends are going on one and you want to go, maybe it has crossed your mind a few times and you're finally deciding to do it, or you may not be real sure. Whatever reason you're here, I'm glad you are.  

Well, I am here to tell you from my experiences. I have been on four short term mission trips. They each lasted 14 days. On each trip I went to a part of South America and I learned something new on all of them.

Come out of your comfort zone, do things you usually wouldn't. Whether it's praying for someone or speaking in front of a crowd. I promise it isn't as scary as it sounds! It will become second nature after a couple times of doing it. If you decided not to do it you may wish that you did later. Broaden your horizons you won't regret it!

At home, you have a daily planner that you follow day to day. Well, you might want to leave that at home ;) Sometimes the schedule doesn't always go as plan. We had a schedule every day; schools and churches we would visit where, and when. Many times through the day things would change. Either a school would cancel, or we would have to stay longer somewhere for some reason. Just go with the flow and enjoy it!

So, you're a couple thousand miles from home. The language is different, people, food, and well everything is! My advice to you is to soak it in. You will never get to relive these moments again; make the most out of it! Embrace the new culture that is surrounding you. Try learning the language with basic phrases.

Ah, the dreaded thing people can't stand to do. Yes, it can be annoying trying to find that one shirt you want to wear and digging through the suitcase, but waking up everyday in a different country and doing what you love is priceless!

Take a lot of pictures, then take some more. This is probably the most important one. You will visit so many places over the course of your trip. You may not remember all of it or trying to explain it to your friends and family when you get home will be hard to do. What better way then to show them a picture! 

There is something about each trip  that I love, but I couldn't tell you which one is my favorite. So, many great things have happened on all of them. I have made new friendships, experiences, and memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it was from speaking in front of a crowd, to trying a new food, and seeing new places.  

What are some tips you have for a short term mission trip? 
I hope ya'll are having a great start to your week!

Lettie Lane