Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tell it Thursday

On Tuesday afternoon, I'm driving down the road, out of nowhere my car starts making a funny noise and keeps going slower and slower. By, this time I pulled over on the side of the highway. No, luck with trying to start it again. Made some calls to my parents and AAA. Here, I am starting to sweat like crazy (gotta love that South Carolina heat!!) and wondering what has gone wrong now. I've had this car since I was 16 years old and it has given me a lot of trouble over the years. Finally, after waiting over an hour I got my car towed to a repair shop.
The next day I got a phone call, it wasn't good news. Long story short, my engine needed to be replaced and it would cost more than what the car was worth. Its time for a new car.

My car was a 1997 Grand Prix Pontiac and no, they don't make Pontiac's anymore. There is a good reason for it too! She was old and had run her miles. She got me to many places and I've taken many trips with her. No, matter what she kept going. There were some speed bumps in the road for her, but she made it all along. She got me through high school and half of my college career! After hanging up on the phone a million things went through my head. I knew this day would come sometime, but I was really hoping it would happen later! Nether less, it was time to put my big girl pants on and get me a new car. My Dad and I cant share his car forever! Just 2 days have been rough and complicated.

I got on Kia's website and I found something I instantly really liked. So today I went over to Kia and test drove it. I LOVED it! And I am proud to say I am an owner of a 2008 Kia Spectra!

It was such a surreal feeling signing the paperwork and being an owner of a car! I have never bought a car before and I am so glad I had my family helping me through the whole process. I'm so happy with my new car and so glad to have a reliable one for the road!
What tips do you have for first time car shoppers?
Lettie Lane

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