Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Living in a Small Town

I was a city girl for my whole life, but over a year ago I moved to a small town. I never thought I would move away from the city. Sometimes I feel like I live in Cedar Cove. {Yes, I just referred to a Hallmark Channel town} 

Everybody knows each other.
This is one thing I noticed right off. I remember walking into a restaurant when I first moved here and several people knew my Dad. After a year of living here this happens to me also.

Southern Hospitality.
I have some of the best neighbors. They will bring us food every once in a while. They even will help me out with Benji when I'm stuck at work or school for a long time. 

No Starbucks.

Yes, it's true. It may not be that far away, but it sure does feel like it. The closest one is about 20 minutes away. We do have two coffee shops that are really good. One even serves crêperie's. 
There is really nothing like a key lime crêperie.

Down the Road.
I live four minutes from the closest grocery store. This is really helpful for when I ever run out of something especially on Thanksgiving! 

The Drive.
It takes at least 40 minutes to get into town. I pick and choose when I'm going to go since it's such a long haul. This is how I have saved a lot of money. I guess this is a good thing right? 

No Movie Theaters. 
If you want to see the latest movie you can drive into town or take five minute drive to the nearest Redbox kiosk.

Country Living.
I live in the country of town. When I walk out of my front door one of these will occur. I will hear ducks and roosters or smell cow manure. Sometimes all three. Such a lovely thing to walk out to right? ;) 

It's definitely been a transition from living in the city my whole life, but it's been a good one! 

I hope you're having a great week!
Lettie Lane

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