Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to find good deals

There are so many cute stuff I come across that I like, but they are so expensive! Being a college student I have to find cute, but affordable. It comes with a lot of searching online or going in multiple stores until I find what I'm looking for. So, with that being said I'm here to show you some clothing items I got for back to school! 

Yes, this is a lot of white, but don't worry I got some color! (It's hard to tell, but the bottom left is mint green)
***Prices in store are different prices than online. Prices will vary from different stores.***
These are from JCP. I love their items and that they always have a coupon going on! 

***Prices in store are different prices than online***
These are from Old Navy, they have some really good deals going on right now that will keep you stuck in the store for a while! ;) One of my favorites is the boyfriend t-shirt, it's so comfy! 
They have every $25 you spend you get $10 in coupons so I got a $20 dollar coupon for a future purchase!! In total I spent a little over $100. Now thats a deal! Where do you like to go shopping and find good deals?? 

So, my advice to you when you are looking for something in particular look online and look in stores. Once you find what you're looking for at a good price, try finding a coupon! If shopping online look at the reviews sometimes something you think is a good could not be the best quality. And also don't give up! Sometimes if you can't find what you're looking for you will find something else you will adore. 
Happy shopping!
Lettie Lane

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