Monday, April 18, 2016

The Best Hand Scrub to Help Dry Skin

I have really dry skin, well extremely dry skin. I was told when I was little I have eczema, it was so bad. I tried so many lotions it wasn't even funny, but all they would do is burn and make it worse. I had to get a prescription lotion from the doctor for a few years, but for the last few years I have used Eucerin lotion. Since I have gotten older it has gotten better, but in the winter months it gets bad again. When I went to Alabama a couple weeks ago and went to the local festival I met a local vendor that was selling scrubs. I have to tell you it is the best scrub I have ever tried!

The vendor is White Picket Scents. I got the blood orange scent and my mom got grapefruit which they both smell absolutely AMAZING! If you are ever in Alabama you should check out her stuff, it's worth it!

Have a great Monday! 

Lettie Lane

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