Monday, August 10, 2015

Tax Free Weekend

Tax free weekend is here. We all know what that means. That school is just around the corner! I can't believe in just 2 weeks I am starting back! I never shop on tax free weekend it's just something I avoid. Probably because I am the one behind the counter telling you what the total is! But I did get to get a couple things. I always like to get a good deal so I always wait when there is a sale and a coupon of course; with no taxes either it's a win-win.

For 2 semesters now I have been carrying a Vera Bradley shoulder bag. With all my books and laptop it was killing my shoulder. So, I finally broke down and bought a backpack. I am so glad I got it this weekend because I got such a good deal! Thanks to JCP! I got this adidas backpack that was originally $65 for only $24!!I also got a new water bottle. The one I have now is really too big for my cup holder in my car so it goes flying when I am driving. 
I saw it and thought it was cute! 

Yes, that is all I bought for school so far, but I still have a little time to get the rest! I am planning on going next week to get some clothes. What are some things you bought on tax free? Or are you like
me and rather go when there isn't a crowd? :) 

Backpack- here
Water Bottle- Unfortunately I can'y find the link online, but you can find it in your local JCP store!
Happy Monday! 
Lettie Lane

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